Why I am Excited Study in Taiwan?

View of 101 observed from Elephant mountain (Behind the TMU Campus)

Actually, I have two and a half years of experience studying in this Taiwan since I joined the pharmacy program from September 2017 in the field of genomic-Taipei Medical University (TMU) located at Taipei, near 101 landmarks of Taiwan. I felt very comfortable and found inspiration from the many hospitality of Taiwanese people. More detail I would share why I chose this country to be part of my study and should everyone know about it:
1.    Taiwan has a good ranking university in Asia according to QS Ranking
According to QS Ranking University in 2018 stated: Eleven of the Top 100 Asian Universities in Asia is from Taiwan such as National Taiwan University for a public university and Taipei Medical University for a private university.
2.    Percentage of international students in Taiwan
Every university in Taiwan has many international students including from Indonesia. More than 6000 Indonesian students extend their study in Taiwan at many universities in different fields, such as medical education, social science, and engineering, etc
3.    Taiwan is One of Asia’s Safest Countries
Taiwan is cheered by locals and foreign residents alike for its safe living environment. I have two-year experience about it, and I go back home every day from my laboratory from 1 to 2 pm and any hour of the evening is very safe. Violent crime is relatively rare.
4.    Opportunity to have any connection with a professor
I have an excellent experience that I can connect/making collaboration between my a professor in  Indonesia to come to my laboratory in TMU and after joining collaboration and saw how TMU make and manage TMU Biobank, eventually my University in Indonesia will initiate to Build the DNA biobank based on TMU guidance near future.


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